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Sennerei Nufenen

Nufener Bio Bergkäse

Nufener Bio Bergkäse

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Made from milk delivered daily from our 20 organic milk producers in the Rheinwald-Schams region.

Semi-hard cheese made from thermized milk. Lactose-free.

FDM 48%

Mild (aged 3-5 months)

With a lot of craftsmanship, a finely aromatic mountain cheese is created.

Spicy (aged 6-8 months)

After a maturation period of at least 6 months in our own cheese cellar, carefully looked after by Charly, our Nufener mountain cheese develops its uniquely spicy aroma.

Extra ripe (aged 8-10 months)

A good cheese is like a good wine. Both need a lot of time and care to develop their true taste. Our Nufener extra-ripe, a spirited mountain cheese with ripening crystals, is created from a lot of time.

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